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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my website be hosted?

Hosting is the means by which your site is made available on the World Wide Web. It may be defined as the provision of space for your website's pages on a server computer. This "Host" computer has a high speed connection to the Internet and is available 24/7. As a full service company, we'll take care of all your hosting, database, email, and all other website needs.

Will All Squared maintain my website?

Site Maintenance can be thought of as anything from a small change in a page's text to the addition of a product catalog (or other features) and anything in between. It's important to keep your pages' content fresh and up to date so visitors will keep coming back. We can maintain your website on an as-need basis or provide you with a cost effective maintenance plan.

Can I do my own website maintainance ?

Depending on how your site is built, Self Maintenance may be an option. Making changes to a full custom site will require you to use an editing program such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Contribute.

Sites created as Semi-Custom Design may come with a Self-Editing option. These sites can be edited using your web browser and do not require the purchase or installation of separate software. Please let us know in advnace if you intend to be performing your own updates.

What are my website statistics for and how do I access them?

Information about how many unique visitors your site has, which pages are being viewed the most, and where your traffic is coming from are just a few important statistics we encourage our clients to review. It is not the daily or even monthly numbers that really matter. It's the trends which are occurring and actions that can be taken to improve all aspects of your site's performance.

Website statistics for All Squared Clients are available at You will need to contact us first to get your Login ID and Password.

How do I access an FTP Site through Windows XP Pro?

If you have been granted FTP access to your website, you can follow the steps at our Map FTP Site to setup a connection in Windows Explorer.

What happens if my website becomes unavailable?

If your website should suddenly become unavailable, the first thing you should do is check and see if you can browse to other websites. This helps to rule out a problem with your internet connection. If you can browser other websites, but not your own, the next step is to call or email us and describe all of the details of the problem. We will troubleshoot the issue for you and have your site back online as soon as possible.

Will my website look the same to everyone?

The majority of people surfing the web today are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The second largest group consists of people using Netscape or a variation (e.g. Firefox). People using other browsers constitute only a small minority. Sites we build may not look exactly the same for everyone. However, they will look substantially similar across recent (going back 2 years) versions of most browsers.

What is Spamming?

Spam is the "junk mail" of the internet. Anyone who engages in the practice of sending E-mail to recipients who have not specifically requested or approved these messages is Spamming. Purchasing an E-mail list and sending an advertisement to everyone on it is an example of Spamming. In some cases, Spammers have been fined $500.00 per message. If a complaint is made to a Web Hosting Provider involving Spam from a web address they host, the company may choose to terminate its hosting contract for that website.

How will I retrieve email sent to me through my website?

Email sent to you at your website address, e.g., can be retrieved using a Standard  email program such as: MS Outlook/ Outlook Express, MS Internet Explorer Mail, Netscape Navigator Mail, AOL and others. We will help you setup to receive your website related email.

What is a Domain name and how do I acquire one?

A domain name is a website's address on the Web. It may also be referred to as your URL, Uniform Resource Locator. For example, our domain name is "" and we can be found on the web at We will acquire a domain name on your behalf. Give us a call and we'll search to see if the name you want is available and also reserve it for you.

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