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About Us

How can we serve you?

Our mission is to deliver professional, attractive website design at affordable prices. In addition, our exclusive process means less work on your end than with other companies. As a full service design firm, we offer:

  • Search and registration of your website name (e.g.

  • Website design that serves your business objectives

  • Search Engine Friendliness at no extra charge

  • Using our Copy Writer Pro™ software, assist you in writing your first few pages, which is a big time saver.

  • Website Hosting with Email, Webmail, Databases, and Statistics

  • Email account setup at your domain (e.g.

  • Hand-holding to setup your MS Outlook/Outlook Express software to receive your email and also to use Webmail

  • Provide ongoing email administration services (create, edit, and remove accounts, setup spam filters, forwards, etc.)

  • Development of cost effective ecommerce strategies to start selling online

  • Custom web programming for storing, processing, and reporting on your data

  • Research on existing web based products to find the most suitable software and perform or assist in its implementation.

  • General Internet Technology Consulting.

How we're different

After taking a good, hard look at how a typical website project is done, a couple of
very important questions emerged:

  • How can we give you a professional website for less than $1,000.00?

    We realized that not all companies need a concept developed from scratch.
    By offering a selection of thousands of pre-created designs, which are used as a
    starting point and then customized, the idea of Semi-Custom Design was born.
    (We also offer Full Custom Design) Letting clients choose what they need and
    skip what they don't also brings the cost down. Forms, photo galleries, product
    catalogs, shopping carts and other features can be added later.

    On our end, better tools for project management and communication means more
    efficeint use of time, again reducing your cost. Instead of following the pack and
    using email - not the best way to ogranize information, we developed the All Squared
    Management website. Here, we exchange documents and photos with you, show
    designs, and keep you up to date about your project. Your materials are accessible to
    both you and us in the same place. Much better than email!

  • How can we make the process easier for you?

    Most design companies say: "Send us your copy and pictures and we'll get started".
    We understand you probably have more important work on your plate. Writing copy
    can be a difficult and time consuming process. The hardest part for many is just
    getting started. We use our exclusive Copy Writer Pro™ software to help you write
    your first few pages. The result is a complete document that you can then edit as
    you like. We have found this streamlines the process and saves our clients a lot of

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