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7 Key Questions To Ask Before Web Design or Redesign

Who Is Your Target Market

The most natural perspective to take is our own. Businesses often see themselves in terms of who they are, what they do (services) or what they sell (products). A very common mistake is to plan your website based on this approach.

It is essential to understand your Target Market before building your website.
We work with our clients to flip their perspective and help them see how their clients or buyers see them. Specfically, on the web, you need to know who is searching for your products and services before doing anything. Part of this process involves key word reseach. Simply stated, actually knowing (not assuming) what people are typing into Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, AOL, and other Search Engines is an important first step in building an effective website for your business. We do this and more.

How will your website fit in with your current marketing

Good marketing is about delivering your message to your target audience. To be effective, the message must be delivered consistently and frequently. We work with our clients to make sure their website is consistent in its theme and its message. We also have ways to help measure the effectiveness of your Print, Radio, TV, and other media campaigns through custom URL's. Also, prospects may see or hear a smaller ad in other media, but by directing them to your website, you can tell them a whole lot more. Your website can and should leverage your other advertising efforts and improve it's effectiveness.

How is Your competition using their website?

Think you know how your competition is using the web? Go to GOOGLE, Yahoo, or the Search Engine of your choice and perform a search on a phrase you think customers would type to find your products or services. Make sure you put in a geographic qualifier. Here is an example: Awnings Lehigh Valley. Which of your competitors are listed within the first 3 pages of search results? Visit their websites and ask yourself, as a buyer, what do I like and what don't I like. As a customer, are they making it easy to find what you're looking for? Are they using Customer Service Related pages or other pages that make you feel they'll be there for you after the sale? Remembert this exercise when planning your website!

How will prospects find your website?

Some of your website traffic will come from customers who have your website address on a card, brochure, or have seen or heard it in some form of advertising. While that's a good start, you want prospects to actually find you on the web. Web visitors may come as a reslut of links back to your site from Yellow Pages and other Local Online Directories, as well as from other websites.

However, you really want visitors to be able to find you in Search Engines such as GOOGLE, Yahoo, MSN Search, Alta Vista, AOL, and others. To that end, we work with you to Optimize your site for Search Engines, so they can find your site and place it in their index of viable search results. This process, referred to as Search Engine Optimization, is part of our development process. While no one can garuntee (and if they do they're not being honest) where you will wind up in Search Engine Results, we work towards better ranking from the outset of your project.

Who will maintain your site after it is built?

Good websites are kept up to date and are always having information added that is useful to both new and existing clients. As a full service web company, we provide maintenance services on ad as needed basis or an ongoing plan. We can also give you a Web Based, Self Editing Option, for a few pages that require frequent updates.

What is your time worth - will you really save money if you build it yourself?

Many of our clients have gone the Do It Yourself route before calling us. After many hours of tinkering with various website building tools, they realized their time would be better spent making money. More importantly, you should ask if the end result will look as good as it would if a professional did the job and will it really meet all your needs?

Even if you're thinking of doing it yourself, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. What you learn will surely mean a better website in the end, whether you do it yourself or not.

What value could a website offer your company - could sales, customer service, lead generation, and other important business functions be improved with your website?

If you do not have a website, or have one that does not get any visitors, you're missing out on billions of dollars in business transacted on the web every year.
Furthermore, how much money could you be saving by:

  • Selling Products Directly Online
  • Making important sales documents available for download
  • Allowing customers to lookup the status of their project or order online
  • Evaluating customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with online surveys
  • Allowing Online Scheduling Requests
  • Offering other Sales and Customer Relationship Management Tools online
    Get the Answers in a Free Consultation
    All too often companies begin the design process before addressing what should be some of their most important concerns. This may happen for a lot of reasons. Commonly, just creating some pages seems to come naturally and things proceed from there.

    However, factors such as your intended audience, the phrases prospects will search on to find your products and services, how your website fits in with your overall marketing strategy, and other important questions should come first. Maybe you have already built a website that is not achieving your intended goals. Getting the right answers for an effective redesign may be all you need.

    At All Squared, we want you to succeed. Let us help you find the answers, so you can build the site that's right for you. Call Us Today to set up a free web design consultation at
    610-351-5416, or Contact Us to request more information.

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