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Website Updates

If you would like to make some changes to your website, we're here to help. We can update your copy, add, edit, or replace photos, and even add new pages. Other services we offer include improving forms by adding validation, creating smart forms, and selling online.

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There are many reasons you may want to change your website design. Its look may be outdated, ease-of-use may need some work, the current layout may not accommodate growth, and others. Because good redesign should go beyond making a site more attractive, we also evaluate how visitors get from page to page, the how your copy reads, pictures, forms, and other factors in creating your new design.

The process involves rethinking your website's purpose and making sure that recycled content from your current site is brought up to date before its re-used. We also look over past visitor statistics (if available) to try and identify both problem areas as well as positive trends. This information is used to preserve what appears to work and attempt to correct past problems.

Please take a moment to tell us about your website and your redesign needs.

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