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Common Website Design Mistakes
Splash Pages - not worth the extra click.
Poor Navigation - what page am I on?
Overly Dense Text - too much to read, movin' on.
Tiny Text - looks good on your pc, but I'm squinting.
Amateur Copy - unfocused or not what your visitor is seeking.
Search Engine Unfriendly - missing or over-long meta tags.
Flash Only Website - Not Search Engine Friendly, visitors may not have Flash or be blocking Flash Content.

Consider Professional Design
Your website may be the first impression made on a new prospect, so it's important it looks professional. Beyond the inital design and launch, please
know that an effective site involves ongoing updates and fresh information
for your visitors.

If you're considering hiring a designer, please consider All Squared. We stand behind our work and remain available to support and maintain your website long after it's built. Assigning the task to someone who will do it for free or as a side job may seem appealing now, but where they will be in 6 months to a year?

We understand you may build your website yourself and sincerely hope this list helps you get it right! Thank you for your consideration.

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